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v1.0.0 (Open Beta 8, Mobile)
Hey all, I’m pleased to announce the release of v1.0.0-beta8 for mobile devices (v1.0.0 (2) on iOS through TestFlight)! I appreciate the feedback I’ve been...
2 files — v1.0.0-beta8
TestFlight Beta Open
Hey, everyone 👋🏻! I’m excited to announce today that the TestFlight beta program for the iOS version of The Costumemaster: Reloaded is officially open!...
v1.0.0 Release
It is an honor and pleasure to announce that v1.0.0 of The Costumemaster: Reloaded is now publicly available to everyone today! You can get it from or f...
3 files — 1.0.0
Open Beta Release: v1.0.0-rc (Release Candidate)
Hey everyone 👋🏻, After some hard work and waiting on translations, I’m pleased to announce the release of the first release candidate for The Cosutmemas...
3 files — v1.0.0-rc, 1.0.0-rc
What's coming up for the game?
Hey everyone 👋🏻, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the latest beta of The Costumemaster: Reloaded ! I’ve been enjoying adding much polish to the game th...
Open Beta Release: v0.1.0-beta5
Hey everyone 👋🏻, I hope you are all doing well, and thanks again for your feedback. I’ve made a brand new beta release with some new changes: Adds suppo...
5 files — 0.1.0-beta5, v0.1.0-beta5
Coming soon: CMR on Ubuntu Touch
Hey everyone 👋🏻, I hope you’ve been enjoying the fourth beta so far! I’ve been working on something special for the game for a short while. Since the...
1 file — 0.1.0-beta4
Open Beta Release: v0.1.0-beta4
Hey everyone 👋🏻, Thanks for all the feedback! I’ve pushed out a new beta today which primarily focuses on improvements for players using controllers, as...
4 files — 0.1.0-beta4
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Hey all 👋🏻, I hope you’re enjoying The Costumemaster: Reloaded as much as I am developing it! I wanted to let yo...
started by Marquis Kurt Jun 26, 2021
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