Open Beta Release: v0.1.0-beta1

This is the first beta release of The Cosutmemaster: Reloaded. ๐ŸŽ‰

Notable changes since the previous release:

  • The second computer in tschmb_07 has been replaced with a different visual to make it clear that it requires a different means of input.
  • There are now invisible barriers around levels, which prevents the player from going out-of-bounds and not completing any levels.
  • Several bug fixes for collision-based inputs such as carpets have been issued, as well as some improvements to movable objects.
  • Implement debugging mode for other developers and play testers to debug parts of the level.
  • There are new visual indicators on inputs that determine what they activate, and these indicators appear by outputs as well. New indicators for inputs or rooms that are part of a sequence are also present in some levels.
  • A pause menu has been added where players can change settings, resume the game, save the current game, or return to the main menu.
  • A basic save system has been implemented which auto-saves on every new level. This currently does not handle multiple save files.
  • Users can now select their preferred locale, if it is present in the translations file. Currently, only English is available.
  • Other bugfixes and improvements that are too small to list individually. :)


The Costumemaster: Reloaded (Linux Unpacked) 23 MB
Version 0.1.0-beta1 Jun 25, 2021
The Costumemaster: Reloaded (Windows) 22 MB
Version 0.1.0-beta1 Jun 25, 2021
The Costumemaster: Reloaded (macOS) 38 MB
Version 0.1.0-beta1 Jun 25, 2021

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