What to do if the game doesn't launch

As stated in the disclaimer and the READ1st file, this game uses a Godot module that is in alpha state. As such, the exports may not have worked correctly. This devlog post should help address these issues.

What is the module?

This game uses the Kotlin/JVM module created by utopia-rise, which lets developers use Kotlin as a scripting language for Godot games. This is done by compiling the Kotlin code to a JAR file that a Java Virtual Machine will read. Typically, the game comes with an embedded JRE to make this possible, so that the game doesn’t crash or require anyone to install a JDK.

Why won’t the game launch?

Update: It is more than likely that the JRE that comes with the game only works on macOS. Install Java SDK 11 and follow the source code instructions to generate a JRE folder for your platform. I cannot upload any changes for the time being. The following instructions do not apply to macOS.

Delete the current jre folder if you’re not using macOS. Install the Java 11 SDK for your platform, the run the following in a command prompt or terminal in the folder where the game is kept:

jlink --add-modules java.base,java.logging --output jre

On macOS, the JRE should work fine by following the instructions in the READ1st file.

Update: You may also want to try using one of the JREs that Neko-Monika has provided: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vwk7vp3S4b4EHBDl8bZoZghDLeFDTPIa/view

If you’re still running into issues, consider trying to build from source.


Planting Uneasy Feelings (Windows) 32 MB
Version 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT Aug 22, 2021
Planting Uneasy Feelings (macOS) 36 MB
Version 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT Aug 22, 2021
Planting Uneasy Feelings (Linux x64) 169 MB
Version 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT Aug 22, 2021

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