Introducing Candella (v21.02-beta1)

I’m pleased to announce the first beta release of Candella, the Ren’Py operating environment that will replace AliceOS in Unscripted. Candella is a fork of AliceOS and provides some great new features and improvements to the platform that everyone will benefit from:

  • Frameworks and tools to build apps and services for the Candella system
  • Built-in apps such as an inventory manager to manage in-game items, an app manager to manage properties of installed apps, and a glossary to define unfamiliar terms
  • Extra styles and fonts to enhance the look of Ren’Py screens for Candella apps and services
  • Support for multiple users with configuration files and app data
  • A desktop shell inspired by the Lomiri project with customizable wallpapers and settings

If you find any bugs or want to request a feature, you can do so on the project’s GitHub page at

Happy coding/testing!


Candella Framework 45 MB
Version 21.02-beta1 Feb 20, 2021
Candella Showcase 115 MB
Version 21.02-beta1 Feb 20, 2021

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