Termina for macOS is here, on Itch

I’m pleased to announce that, after a long hiatus and working on other projects like Hyperspace and Unscripted, Termina for macOS is here! This post will explain what’s been going on.

Why the long break?

When I first started working on Termina and Termina for macOS, I had high hopes of making it to the Mac App Store. As the game development progressed, I ran out of ideas for improvements and decided to take a break from the project to work on other things. During that time, I started the Hyperspace project, a new game called Unscripted, and a couple of other things. I did briefly revisit the project last year to see what I could do in upgrading and modernizing the project with features such as Swift Package Manager dependencies and views in SwiftUI (the latter never really took shape).

Why release it now?

Given that Termina was my first attempt at making both a game in Swift and in SpriteKit, it wasn’t my finest work. There are quite a couple of things that I didn’t do as well as I should have, such as creating levels and scenes and handling push notifications. However, despite the shortcomings of such an early project, it’s still a fun game that adds a unique spin to the command line version I made (one of my friends can definitely vouch for this). Additionally, making a release version of this game for the Mac shows how much I’ve learned and grown as a developer with these technologies.

I currently do not have any intentions of modifying it to be suitable for the Mac App Store at this time, let alone the iOS version, but you can download the game straight from the GitHub page at terminagame/mac, the Termina releases page, and now on Itch.io.

I hope you all enjoy Termina for macOS.


Termina for macOS 20 MB
Version 1 Sep 26, 2020

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