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[ʔaʃaʃat] is a declarative, polysynthetic conlang designed by software developers for use in video games or applications where having a conlang may benefit the quality of the product. It includes its own unique writing system and offers extensibility that feels natural to developers that have experience in writing user interfaces declaratively, such as in React.js, SwiftUI, and Jetpack Compose.

The goals for [ʔaʃaʃat] are:

  • Provide a declarative experience in building words and phrases;
  • Allow greater flexibility in writing across various languages, regardless of experience;
  • Develop a language that can naturally evolve with context.

[ʔaʃaʃat] is inspired by the likeness of SwiftUI's syntax and the domain-specific language features present in the Kotlin programming language. This allows for greater flexibility when writing sentences and words that feel more natural.

Have a usage question or want to propose a change?

You can ask these sorts of questions or provide feedback on my Feedback Portal at https://feedback.marquiskurt.net/t/ashashat.


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Formal Specification.pdf 1.6 MB
Iashakasubapenasate Script.ttf 26 kB
Iashakasubapenasate Serif.ttf 7.4 kB